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I think we all probably have a memory of our first fish. I know mine was a mackeral off the south jetty in Venice. 

I have a 2 year old daughter and I've really been itching to take her fishing. Saturday morning (after JZ's cancellation ahhh hmmm), I decided to take out the wifey and my daughter, Avery. I knew there were a ton of ladyfish up the Little Manatee River and I figured that would be our best bet at keeping her interested. We get there and I immediately catch a couple lady fish on Lil-John to spike her interest. We proceed to hook her up with a shrimp and a bobber on her Zebco Princess combo . It didn't take long and boom, fish on. She reeled it in all by herself. Monster 8" ladyfish. She gave its tail a high five and then reluctantly grabbed a hold of it and threw him back.

Makes me feel old having "Proud Daddy" moments at the age of 28, but truthfully, I don't think I've ever had a bigger smile on my face.

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Certainly a better looking fishing partner than J.Z.  Good to see the vest on that little angler!  snook crazy

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