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Long time no see / talk / post!

The end of my year and the beginning of the new year are always so HECTIC at work. But I'm on the upswing. I have been fishing most weekends, so I really can't complain, but I have little to no time during the week for anything, including South Shore meetings!

With that said, here's a story from Sunday, January 13th.

My cousing called from Orlando and wanted to catch some fish. I called Tony, who usually fishes Sundays and Mondays to see if he was down. He too, had family that wanted to go fishing, so we decided to make it a 2 boat trip. Sunday morning rolls around, boat is in the water before sun up and here comes Tony - solo, no family, by himself! They bailed on him last minute because of something that rhymes with schmangover.

Rewind 8 days earlier, when I see a Facebook post from Tony that says something to the effect of "I'm stuck on the side of I-75 with a flat and I don't have the tool to get my spare tire down". I went, and I made it clear that he owed me!!

So now we're heading to the skyway to get bait. Loaded up both boats in pretty short order. We checked several different spots on the way back. Tony got a personal best trout (27") in near the chanel to CRB and a slot redfish. We were hunting ladyfish. We finally made the decision to run to the LMR where Tony was going to show me a couple of his spots to repay me for the spare tire issue. As we pull in to spot #1, I'm stuck thinking to myself, NO WAY! I've passed this spot 100 times in my boat, each time at about 40 MPH at wide open throttle. Sling a baseball bat full of chummers up against the mangroves and the snook start going nuts. We all have several fish to the boat in short order. On to spot #2 and Tony called it, there was a guide boat sitting on the spot. We move on to spot #3 and again, several smaller snook to the boat. Spot#4 was just around the corner and only produced a fish or 2. Back to spot #1 to check it out again before we head in. We had a tripple hook-up almost instantly with 2 snook and a redfish. Shortly thereafter BOOM...
33" Snook, awsome fight. Got her in the boat, a couple pictures and off she went.

Moral of the story - help your friends change their flat tires.
Moral of the story #2 - Pay attention to your surroundings and maybe slow down a bit. I seriously have driven past Spot#1 100 times going to other places in the river and it is stacked full of snook and redfish!

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Good job Josh!!

Capt. Jon Bull
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snook crazy

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Nice write up.  Tony does know a little about the LMR!   snook crazy

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Had a great day. Now we you just have to wait for another one of my truck problems so I can show you where I pulled the 28" Gag in 6' of water

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Care full what you wish for - I may loosen all your lug nuts next time I see your truck at the ramp!
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