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I received a call from "The Hoff" and was invited to fish in the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office charity tournament for the Judeo Christian Clinic.  I wasn't sure what the entrance fee was going to be, but when I was told that Brandon Ford covered the boat I was all over the invite.

The Captain's meeting was Friday 6/5, and I took Evan with me.  Seeing that Brandon Ford was paying for the boat I wanted to make a contribution for the raffles and went with the $100 arm's length version of tickets.  I have a pretty good wig span; so I managed to get a bunch of raffle tickets.  Of particular interest was the Yeti Hopper - I stuffed that container with a bunch of tickets and spread out the rest.  I seldom win raffle items, but that Yeti had my attention.  I called the wife and told her it was for a good cause - she gets a text on every purchase I make on American Express so it's a quasi short leash.  That said I was able to check out my spine for the tournament.  WOOHOO!!

The morning of 6/6 I met up with fellow anglers Tiger, "The Hoff", and Josh.  We netted up some bait and were off to fish by 6:30 am.  I would like to say we slayed 'em, but we didn't.  Josh and Tiger had some decent snook, but 27-30" wasn't going to win it.  However, Tiger did have one that might (emphasis on might) have won - she was a big gal in the upper 30's, maybe lower 40's, but with a broken leader, we'll never know.

We figured we would get some lunch at the weigh in, but without a fish to weigh in we ate and bid a hasty retreat to home; folks had other arrangements that night.

Monday morning I got a call from the Hillsborough Sherrif - I was thinking,"Well this can't be good.  However, Evan was already at Cape Canaveral."

On the line a Sheriff said "Mr. Bishop?"  
"Yes? (gulp)"
"Seems you won some goods at the tournament."
"Wow!  Really?"(relief)
"Yes sir...there quite a bit and we'll bring it by for you."
"Wow great..." turns out I won way more than I ever expected.  Here's the pic


I was really floored by the goods won.  I never win stuff.  I owe Brandon Ford a HUGE shout out for their continued support of SSA, and you'll be seeing some of these goods going into SSA's raffles in the future.  I really felt weird getting it all and want to see it paid forward.  Two grills, utensils, a 2 night stay at the Sirata beach resort....  You can't see the fold out chairs, and rod and a tackle box.

I'll probably keep the YETI though..."Love Me some YETI." The wife has dibs on the trip to the Sirata.

Howver, just to keep my mojo in check the tarpon gods decided that I must sacrifice my Cabo 60 and 8' Teramar to Davy Jone's Locker.  Last I saw it was headed towards the Skyway; so if anyone happens to catch one a Teramar in the pass...just saying it may have some not so good mojo left in it.  I'll take it back though.

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