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I want to post some of my pictures - how do I do that?
The best way is to upload your picture to a hosted site - works nicely.  Click on the framed picture of the mountain and you will be prompted for the url for the picture - cut and paste the url in there and the photo will appear.

Lastly - provides another simple method.  After you have uploaded your photos to photobucket you can get the image by hovering over the picture you want shown.  You'll see a caption called IMG - click on that button an the source will be loaded into your local clipboard.  Come back to your thread and past the clipboard - it will look something like


Note the the right bracket is missing from the URL above.

When you click on preview thread - you'll see if the picture will post inline to your thread.  

Here's a video to walk you through the above.  Apologies for the audio, but you get the idea.

Why doesn't my profile picture show up on my threads?

You have to upload to your avatar - the profile and the avatar are different.  The avatar shows up on the threads, the profile is what users see when they click on your profile.  The avatar is a square so it might be distorted somewhat.

How to change your username?

  • Click on the First tab at the top of the screen called "Control Panel"
  • Midscreen you'll see a tab called "Edit Profile" - this should automatically be displayed
  • Click on "Change Username"
  • You'll then see the Filed called "New Username" - enter the username and click on "Available?"
  • Then Click on "Submit"
No one replies to my PM's (private messages) - why aren't I getting any responses?

Is your account set up to receive a PM?  By default this should be on.  Using the Control Panel Tab located at the top, check the default value in  your profile.  Towards the bottom of the Control Panel page you will see "Allow members to send me private messages:" Is it checked?  If not then check it.  After that you'll be able to receive PMs.

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