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The highlights from the Tampa Bay Times here.

The Ferry's owners proposal here.

The study presented here.

I'm still a bit confused as to where the exact ferry location would be built. The study doesn't match the proposal.  From what I can tell it would either be next to TECO and the Kitchen, Williams Park or in Apollo Beach.

This seems to be where the Ferry owners are proposing, but in the study it shows Williams Park on the Alafia.

I did find this to be a humorous quote...

"The two largest cities of our region, Tampa and St. Petersburg, are separated by 
the calm waters of Tampa Bay."

Apparently they are not familiar with the summer storms, 10-20 mph winds in winter, and fog we get.


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I could see them using the red box area because I haven't ever seen anything docked up on that north side there. That would eliminate one of my snook spots though.
snook crazy

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Is that snook spot best on incoming or outgoing?  Great Help! snook crazy 
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