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Carpe Diem

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I attended my 1st meeting last Thursday and not only picked up some valuable fishing tips but also learned about important (and controversial) issues the effect out community. But that wasn't all:

I was planning to fish Saturday morning until I got a call from a prospect client who could only meet at 10:15 AM Saturday.  What a bummer, do I get up at 4 AM, fish, then beat it back to the meeting?  I though I'd better just make the meeting, at least I could sleep in for a change.  

After, the meeting, around noon, I figured that I might as well at least go for a joy ride in the boat and headed down to Coachroach.  I wasn't expecting to do anything given that I was going out at in the worst conditions.  I had learned at the meeting that bait was small and scattered but was able to pick up enough to fish for a couple of hours on the flats.  Since it was mid day I figured the fish would be in the mangroves so I flipped pinfish without success for an hour or so.

I moved on to a pass, threw out a trailing double live bait rig (another tip learned at the meeting) and drifted with the wind.  Throwing my gold spoon I had a hard hit but lost the fish by trying to keep it out of the mangroves. On the third cast I hooked the best snook of the season (below) and was able to land then release it after photos.   I wish I had longer arms so the picture could do it justice.  I figured getting the fish back into the water healthy was worth more that a great photo.

There is no doubt in my mind that South Shore Anglers had a hand in my luck!  By the way, while I was fighting the snook, I hooked a trout on the double rig!

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Awesome fish. I too have learned a lot of great pointers from the meetings.

David M.

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OK snookcrazy. How much did that "shameless" plug cost.
Carpe Diem

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I didn't realize there was an opportunity here!    What is it worth?

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