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With all the wind causing small craft advisory I decided to leave the boat at home and try some drive up spots for sheepshead with my boys. Prior to the rain coming down we stopped at Bullfrog creek bait shop to pick up shrimp and saw the guy working the store catching sheepshead off the bridge. We bought 2 dozen and went to fish and found the wind and current both coming in strong. I added a little weight and we were able land a sheepshead right before the skies opened up. Today we decided around 0930 to go fishing but once again small craft advisory. We drove down to Ruskin Bait and tackle and loaded up on shrimp and a new aquadream spoon. Went to a spot off LMR and started out fishing on top with cajun thunder and suspended shrimp. My youngest landed a small trout and nothing much after that. We started freelining shrimp with a split shot and then started pulling in the sheepshead. One after the other we would continue catching them, mostly shorts but a lot of fun for young boys. We ran out of bait but the boys caught two crabs which didn't stand a chance out in sheepshead land. I showed my older one how to work the DOA deadly combo and shrimp but we weren't able to land anything else. On our drive home we took a detour to check out some landlocked saltwater lakes. Casting and walking we did see a school of huge, 20 in+, swimming by but they were easily spooked. We couldn't entice them and decided to call it a day. Took them for a bite a Sonic and talked about the next adventure. They have plans to return and do a hike and fish.

David M.

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Nice to see a Dad so involved with his boys. It will really pay off later in life, not just now!!!
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