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We took the kids out yesterday in the bay a bit NE of Simmons. There is a 20' hole (Fish Haven) that we dropped anchor at.

The kids had frozen shrimp and I had cut mullet. We caught 6 sharks! 4 Bonnet Head, 1 Blacktip, and 1 Atlantic Sharpnose.

Unsure if that is normal, or even considered good, but everyone was very excited as shark were reeled in one after another.

Between those shark, the huge turtle that swam by and the dolphin, there was not much left to see when we pulled anchor and came back in.

Tight lines!
snook crazy

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In Aug. heat sharks are great to target if you're looking to keep kids busy <> happy. We fish with chum blocks for even more action, mangrove snapper and mackerel hopefully. That you knew it was an Atlantic Sharpnose exposes your time either studying shark or watching years of Shark Week! I watch that week with my hands over my eyes with the finger slightly spread to save myself from nightmares.
Nice job with the kids!    snook crazy
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