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I noticed in my kayak that the previous owner had placed some nonskid pads for standing.  Over about 2 years they peeled and eventually wore off.
In addition to that my boat has some really slick gunnels, and in the never ending quest for poon I tend to stand on the gunnels while holding on to the T-Top.  Occasionally we'll be under way at a slow speed and one person will man the helm as the other person scans the horizon while on the gunnels (not to be done in moderate to heavy seas).  There were a 1-2 close calls on the slick fiberglass and after exploring a couple choices I decided to add a couple boarding nonskid pads from Seadek.  Frankly the close calls were boarding at the boat ramp when dew had accumulated on the drive over.
The first thing I saw was that Seadek was pricey - to rig out a kayak you're looking at $75-150, but I really wasn't looking at that.  After a couple looks at the price of sheets I found a good comprise.  Buried in the catalog was the "step-kit" - which for my purposes fit nicely.  I considered white, but opted for cool gray - and at $26 if I really wanted I could replace it with white.  I knew where they would be located they would get splattered with blood.  You can see the EMT scissors in the background.
Installation is as easy as applying a sticker.  Just clean the area prior to applying - I used Acetone.
So here's a how the product ended up...I placed two near the seat, and two closer to the bow where the T-Top ends.
Close up...
These could make a good foot pad in the kayaks, and I might consider it.  However, I'm going to see how they wear this summer.
So far I've gotten grease and dried blood on the pads.  With soap it didn't come completely clean.  So I tentatively applied some Black Streak remover.  I was surprised to see that it came out good as new, but how would it affect things long term.  We'll see...we'll use this thread as a place holder.
I guess I could have used some of that nonskid paint or ordered a sheet and cut things out to my liking, but I went with the prefab ones because it was easy, and looked better with the routed out bevel.   Lots of colors to choose from.

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