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Ankona just launched our new small tunnel skiff, the ShadowCast.  Designed to run with 10-20hp, it allows the angler long days on the water with minimal fuel usage.  Its small size makes it easy to launch and retrieve even at unimproved ramps and opens up new territories for fishing.  Like all Ankona's, all hand laid, no-wood contruction, with a full composite stringer system and flat honeycomb cored floor.  Custom configurations available...

Length: 16'
Beam: 54"
Weight: 240lbs
HP: 10-20
Transom Height: 17"

I have run this skiff and it is truly an awesome backcountry technical poling skiff.  It will float in nothing (we drug it over a mud bar on Sunday and the pics were taken in ankle-deep water), poles great (either with a poling platform or 50 qt. Yeti cooler), and with a 9.9HP it runs great.  I can only imagine what a 20HP will do on this thing (I will be finding out very soon).  It is very stable for its size.  The rear deck configuration is going to change on this skiff making for much more dry storage.  The front deck is also going to be extended to 6'.  On 4/7/12, Flint Creek Outfitters-Riverview will be hosting Ankona to go along with their Spring event.  This will the first opportunity anyone will be able to see all four Ankona skiffs in one place without driving down to the shop in Ft. Pierce.  After that day, there will be a ShadowCast to test drive in this area (South Shore TB). 


Capt. Jon Bull
Shadowcast Charters
2015 Ankona Cayenne

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I like it!!  Simple and to the point - let's get skinny and fish.  

Those 9.9 are awesome.  My cousin captained his  28' dory with a 9.9 from Philly to Miami.  You aren't breaking any speed records in it, but she went the distance and then some.  I made the leg from JAX to Vero.  Some details here. It's a very different type of boat - she's solar operated now.


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240 pounds? Man you can just carry that on your head.

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