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snook crazy

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The Langley's & friends showed up in full force to support Miss Sandy & SSA for this event. Sandy's daughter Wendy Fritz came from Virgina with her husband and 2 sons to honor J W and help the cause.  As did the Scanio family in support of Dino and his son Ginaluca. A great group of kid & grown up anglers fished for the longest trout & redfish. The biggest winner was the cause, bringing light to Mitochondrial Disease and showing what family means to another SSA cause.
Some of the families are from companies, The LoadMaster Trailer Family, headed by Pam Paulsen, The Wang Anchor Family, lead by Tom Tyliz, The Dream Inn Family, with Josh Horrocks leading. They are the lead sponsors for this tourney. (This is the 6th year for Wang Anchor). The Alley & Brandon Crossing Bowling owned by the Boje's, the Hartzner's of PigSilly B-B-Q along with the Scanio's South Eastern Fishing Tackle Liquidators and the 4FISHSTUFF crew lead by Deb Savidge helped make the day complete! The Boje's and Scanio's are also starting their 6th year and SSA has given 45 Purina Fish Food bags away for the same period. Indivo's Corey Maysles keeps bringing new anglers to the tournaments and the Bishop's father & son team just keeps giving. The lure of SSA, MirroLure gives SSA a chance to introduce artificials to anglers.  And if you're looking for a special place for a gathering, consider Beanie's Family Sports Grill or the Shell Point Marina.

The winners:
Kids Division
Chenzo Scanio  14" trout won an evening of bowling at The Alley
Matthew Sceoane 13 1/2" trout won an evening of bowling at The Brandon Crossroads Bowl
The other kids all got MirroLure hard & plastic items for fishing in the tourney-

Adult Division:
Longest Trout - 25 3/4" - John Bishop (personal best) wins a Wang Anchor System
Longest Red - 28 1/2" - Matt Santiago wins a weekend at The Dream Inn
Longest Combination - John Bishop - also had a 18 1/2" red for a total of 44 1/4"
Wins a $500 gift certificate from LoadMaster Trailers
The big raffle item - a $100 gift card from South Eastern Fishing Tackle Liquidators was won by Mike Sharp, new to the South Shore, fishing in his 1st SSA event

And the biggest winner: The Fight Against Mitochondrial Disease!!!              snook crazy


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Photos from the event...

Winners Circle

The South Eastern Fishing Tackle Liquidators crew and company...

Pigsilly served up some fine BBQ Pork.  

Winner Mike Sharp with the coveted $100 gift card from South Eastern Fishing Tackle Liquidators

Weather conditions changed on us with winds kicking up to +15

Birds decided it was best to hunker down...

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