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Several years ago I had to replace my baitwell motor and in the process put in a not so good butt joint and used electrical tape to seal things up.  I had been thinking about fixing this up, but had put it off for a while.

With the storms coming through I decided I might as well knock it out.

Here's the butt joint after I cut it out.  I'm surprised it even worked.

I swapped out the hard connect with some clips - this would allow me to replace a motor without having to cut wires again.

Here are the clips - my neighbor was kind enough to let me use some of the electric-guard - basically make things less likely to corrode.

After connnnecting  the male and female clips I used some heat shrink tubing and my heat gun to seal things up.

The new clips were a bit bulkier, but I had some leftover wire wrap to get things done.

I found a replacement motor I had originally ordered (just in case) and put the clips and sealed her up too.  I now keep the 500 GPH motor in the boat - just in case things get weird with the 750 GPH one.  I had one go out a couple years ago, and there not much worse or can ruin fishing faster than a dead baitwell.

I reinstalled the motor, and stored the 500GPH as an emergency backup in the boat.  In a pinch it would probably take about 10-15 minutes to get that 500 GPH motor in. All that's left are threadfins and poon.  

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