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Went out with a guy from a local forum who wanted me to get his first slam. He done beat me on the report so I am just going to post his side of the story:

Flatsjunkie88 and I met up this morning around 6 and hit the water. It ended up nicer than we thought. Headed to the Little Manatee River. We arrive at the first spot and the live well pump stopped working for some weird reason and most of the bait was on its back. Revived it and Tony put in the spare pump and got it going. Started throwing along and as close to the mangrove as possible. No takers. Head north about 20 feet. Throw in a bait and WHAM! Tony gets nailed! Takes him for a good ride! Gets close to the boat nice Red! Skunk is off!

Right after that im reeling in my bait and it gets slammed! After a good fight a Nice line sider appears! Then Tony got a nice Snook. Then I get a small red. Then proceeded with good Snook and Red action for the next 45 min.

Left that spot to head up the river a bit. Get there and no luck at first and the pelicans are all over us! Finally Tony gets hook up with a nice Snook but as he reeled in it came unbuttoned. Its really cool to see those guys slam your bait when you dont expect it! After that I catch a decent Snook we leave there to go back to the original spot. BOOM! That quick Tony hooks up! Small Red. Then after that I cast near the same spot he did. Outta no were WAM!  Nice fish slaps my bait. After a good run a Snook appears.

Then Tony casts to a grove WAM! Another nice fish he tried to take him into the grove but didnt let him and a nice line sider comes next to the boat. 

Then he cast back to the same spot but he gets a little caught up in a mangrove branch and lets his bait hang in the water and the bait goes crazy and a decent Snook jumps out of the water after it! It pulled the line loose and he was on! After he was boatside we let him go. We move up a little bit and thats when a random rain cloud comes out of no where. Its starts to rain a little hard so we head toward the ramp. After the rain stopped, which seemed like forever, we head to a flat to finish off are slam. We get there and catch our trout.

Not much size to them but we completed our slam. My first one which was awesome. So after a few more spots. No more luck. The rain must have turned things off because it was hot all day! We headed to the ramp and called it a day. All in all Awesome day. Meet a cool dude and got to fish all day. Nothing better than that. Now time to watch the race!

Ended up with 12 Snook, 4 Reds, and a dozen or so Trout.

Tackle : 10lb braid 20lb fluor 1/0 hook
Bait : Frisky White Bait
snook crazy

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That's what a forum and an angler club is about!  snook crazy


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Nice slam!!


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