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Like other glasses wearers I had issues with polarized lenses for fishing. The choices I have seen are getting two pair, one for fishing and one for everyday use; Getting photo-chromatic type like transitions; Getting clip-ons over over the lenses type. I have tried the two glasses thing but that gets annoying and pricey when prescriptions change. I have also tried the transition ones but didn't like how they looked or functioned. After reading some reviews I bought a pair of Cocoons which go over your existing glasses and can be had in different styles and filters. I purchased the streamline version in brown with amber lenses and tried them out today. I can say they were comfortable to wear, can take a spray, and work great. I was able to see much more detail than the other lenses I have tried in the past. Being able to see with that type of clarity adds so much more to your inshore game. I would suggest you try them out locally and get the best fit for your face. Here is the web link that explains how they work
Here is a pic of my glasses

David M.
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