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 Should you use non-ethanol fuel?
 Yes 3 75%
 No 1 25%
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Total votes: 4. This poll has been closed.

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I recently got a new boat. The last boat I had was 7 years ago. I wanted to see if everyone else uses non ethanol fuel in their boats. I have a 2 stroke Mercury 50 HP. the previous owner said that is all he used so that is what I have been using. Reading online I have heard opinions from both ends of the spectrum, from it is fine to it will eat the lines and gum up the carbs.
snook crazy

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Marine shops are making money everyday on replacing lines etc...  Suggest you have a talk with Mark at Bullfrog Creek Marine in Gibtown. He is the professer of ehanaol an it's effect on marine motors.

Gentleman behind you last nite had a 2' pc. of tube that ethaol had destroyed. It doesn't take long to happen.

snook crazy

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