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With about 8 years on the Amanda Buff her trailer was starting to show its age.  I had done all the right things for her, but given enough time saltwater will really mess up a trailer.

I was in the quandary of fix up/or buy.  I was fortunate enough to win a $500 credit in the SSA 2013 Longest Combo at Loadmaster Trailers (a longtime Southshore Anglers sponsor) .  I met there with Fred and JP and we went back and forth on fix up or buy new.  

After a while Ben came out and we talked about things.  He went inside and came back with a great quote on an all aluminum trailer that made it all but impossible to say no to a new trailer.  

Because the boat is a very tight fit in the garage, I worked closely with Fred to make sure it fit properly.  I have about 1-2" clearance on the engine, and about 3-5" on getting her out of the garage.  I also wanted about 3-4" taken of the tongue so I could walk around the front of the trailer when the garage door was down.  On the old trailer I had to hop over the tongue to get to the garage fridge - it always made for a precarious trip after a couple/few cold adult beverages.  Many a shin have been dinged up there.

With that Fred and JP went to work and 1 week later the Amanda Buff was back at home - but would she fit?  At the end of the day if she didn't we would have to do some rework.  Thankfully she fit just fine - Fred was confident, I was more of a Missouri (The Show Me State) man.

Here she is in all her glory.  Almost looks like she's smiling.

In the garage it was a close fit, but it's always been that way.

The real test was in launching and she slid off the trailer with no issues.  I had some concerns about the trolling motor hitting the winch (it had on the old trailer).  However, that did not occur.  Putting her back on I was a bit too deep in the water and the boat slide back a couple times - that's more of a user error and I'll leave more of the bunks out of the water so she doesn't slip back quite as easily.  1' used to be enough, but I suspect 2' will do.

The new LED lights really light up nicely - the older ones were OK, but man you can really see the back of the boat for sure.

As far as hubs go - they have a 100,000 mile guarantee; I told JP I'll never hit that.  Basically I wouldn't have to do anything to them for 3 years minimum.  Pretty impressive .  

To boot there was a roadside assistance for the new tires.  Pretty sweet.

The folks over there were sure to tell me over and over - "We want to and will get it right for you John."  I had my doubts on the fit, but at the end of the day they were right.  I doubt the Amanda Buff will need a new trailer any time soon if ever.  If she does the trailer is very modular and it's a swap out of a part - versus a weld on a galvanized trailer.  Pretty cool.  Suffice to say I'm really pleased with the new trailer.

One note - I did add two lines of reflective tape to the top of the guide posts.  You can see them on the first picture.  I find that backing up it's really easy to spot the posts that way and in the dark they reflect the reverse light quite nicely.

Kudos to Loadmaster and the people there for making sure things went smoothly and being a great SSA sponsor.


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i agree. when i got my boat 10 years ago trailer (loadmaster) was getting worn so took it to loadmaster, where they had my old specs on file and in no time had a brand new one. 2 years ago ( on a 4th of july ) while i was fishing, someone hit my trailer in the parking lot and bent axle and frame. insurance covered most of it and once again in no time loadmaster had me a new trailer. they do great work, speedy  and  reasonably priced.
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