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Hey SSA members, I was hoping to get some feedback on purchasing the 'Lifetime Sportsmans License' for my 4yr old son.

Has anyone ever purchased one?  It seems to be all inclusive, but I am sure there are a few things not covered.

I am also concerned with investing the money now (because it is the cheapest price before he turns 5), but then regretting it down the road if things like catch shares or additional regulations end up voiding the investment.

Any advice or experiences to share are appreciated.


snook crazy

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Great way to keep a youg man interested. Worried about catch shares or other regulations? Get involved email congressmen, senators, FWC and the Gulf Coast Council. Help FRA fight the fight, join CCA help them keep their lobbyists on top of recreational fishing. You can get their emails and many times those will have a hyperlink for you to easily send your letters to those making the decisions.
snook crazy
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