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snook crazy

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First fished a full moon weekend in June of 05. Wife and I started early till late, when my son and his friend showed to fish late that afternoon. Huge flush of tide at Piney Point allowed us to find a hole near the manatee markers filled with snook and we caught fish for 1.5 hrs. Since then I've tried early as the moon set and the sun rose, mid morning till 4 or 5 and late pm through the night. Some late night full moon dock events have been successful, but no more than any other night trip.

Saturday Jim Clark and I started at 7 am with thoughts of mangrove snapper early and some inshore fishing starting around 11:30/12. After comparing spots that may hold fish that we knew of, we went to the Port Manatee Reef. Joining a few other boats we got set up and after an hour we saw 1 fish caught and decided the tide was moving too fast and went inshore. Bishop's Harbor was right for fishing the incoming tide, but did not produce for us or any of the other anglers. 5 other of our spots yielded a Big Fat ZERO, NOTTA, NUTTIN.

That said, the best time to go fishing is still "When you can". And any time Jim calls I'm in, because it's always fun. I've decided that if I'm planning a fish trip on a full moon, it will be late afternoon on a flush tide at Piney Point near the manatee markers, if I really want a chance to be successful.
Lesson Learned                       snook crazy

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I agree Steve. I will never pass on an opportunity for us to fish together because as you always say "chew plenty of gum days before to get ready for all the laughter. PS- we did catch one pin fish as big as any snapper and one poor mans tarpon (ladyfish). that's how to tell a fish story.
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