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Sorry for the lateness. I keep forgetting about this place.

Well after getting another truck after my wreck after the tournament a few weeks ago and finally getting some good weather I set out of Cockroach this morning with a friend of mine. I have been fishing the Trout bite in the Fort the past month so this is my first trip back to the Southshore in quite awhile. First step was grabbing bait. When we pulled up to the south pier it was packed and everyone looked like they were having trouble. I was no different it was there but they were deep. After an hour and 20 throws I had my well half full and the guy next to me said he had more than needed and hooked me up. I have been on the giving and receiving end of this and was very grateful this morning.

We ran North into Bishops Harbor and fished it for 1 1/2 hours and we got a pair of 19" Trout and 5 or so Ladyfish that went into the cooler for later. This time last year Bishops was on fire with Snook but the fish have not made it there yet due to the chilly weather.

Another thing in my logs from this time last year were Reds on Piney Point so that was my plan on our second stop. We idled up on the flat and almost to the shore and anchored where sand met grass and deployed some Ladyfish steaks. After a ten min wait her first Redfish ever has her rod doubled over. After 3 or 4 good runs and a hell of a fight she gets it in and it turns out her first Red is an overslot at 27 1/2". Fished 30 more min then it was my turn and felt like a good fish. I haven't targeted Reds in awhile and man I love catching these damn things. Mine ended up at 26 3/4" and invited home for dinner.

 20 min of nada after that I wanted to get some Snook so made the run up to the LMR. The winds were kicking so we tucked away into my favorite little cut and tossed out some chummers and noting touched them. Fished ten min with not a nibble. I put on a fresh bait and pretty much bounced it off the mangrove root. 10 seconds later I saw a huge silver flash and my reel was screaming. I knew it was a big Snook but told myself I stood no chance in such tight quarters fishing 10lb braid and 20lb fluro. I will never know how I kept her out of the mangroves but it was hands down the best fight I have ever had. 10 min later she is boatside and came out easy my new personal best at 37" After that we stuck around for another 30 min with two mid 20's Snooks to show for it then called it a day.

We did not catch alot of fish today but the ones we did were quality.

snook crazy

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I love seeing those big snook and feel better about their come-back. I seems that you are really set for spring fishing on the SouthShore. Another of your boat slam and as usualy quality fish. You get the fall bite down you may win a SSA event! Good day of fishing, good job getting that young lady on that big red.                 snook crazy

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