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Okay got out on April 27th in Steinhatchee finally and managed to get in a day of fishing, started out rough by hitting a rock with my new motor, ouch dang it!! Fortunately it wasn’t too bad but it sure sounded bad.


Started fishing and caught a short red. Got a good hit on another red and it got off. Caught a couple short trout and then finally a nice 19”er. Finally decided to move and as I am getting the trolling motor set up after motoring a couple hundred yards I look over and see a big sting ray being tailed by a nice cobia.


I quickly throw down the top water plug and grab the reel rigged with a DOA shrimp. It only has 10# mono and about a foot of 20# leader but what the heck. I look up and the fish is about 40 yards up wind and the wind is blowing a good 15+mph. I try to give chase but it is futile. Then the fish circles around and ends up down wind and I am in perfect position. I make a good cast and tap, fish on. He begins to spool me so I go up front and start to chase him with the trolling motor. I am making ground and I get the fish up to the boat. He is making some short runs and head shaking but it is starting to look like I might win. I got the net in one hand, not sure how I am going to fit him in it, and the rod in the other. Trying to get the fish to swim my way so I can stab the net in front of him and it is looking good suddenly he veers off the the left, right into the trolling motor and Fish Off!! I watch him swim off with my DOA in his nose. I just about lost it and was ready to go home.


I kept fishing and hook up to a nice 21” trout after about 15 minutes or so. I am not feeling so bad at least now I have 2 keeper fish and it is about lunch time by now. I didn’t catch much more in that area and the tide was getting high so I decided to go back and fish the flooding saw grass.


I catch one more 20” trout and another 21” trout that I had to throw back. I also caught about 10 undersized redfish all right at 17.5”. I need a keeper red. Finally I get a 21”er.



This was in the stomach of the 20” trout, a 10” shark!!



While up in the creek I was looking around as I was casting and I saw a trout swim by the boat that had to be 30+ inches. Tried casting his way but never saw him again. I’ll be back!!


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Looks like a good meal. I had heard about hitting things in the river; glad you didn't blow out the lower unit.  Snookcrazy can testify on net usage.  Might have to buy him some Zoloft when you talk about it though.
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A little lemon, butter and some pepper and throw in a Bud Light Lime and I'm good till after the nap!    snook crazy
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