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Well weather is finally starting to swing to the warmer side, with this happening finding time to hit the beach is a must. Been fishing Broadkill Beach in the Delaware Bay and have been getting great reports from OTHER anglers. I emphasize OTHER because none of the reports are mine!! Talked with a buddy of mine the other day while I was out with ANDY C. and got reports of 40 + inch Rock being caught off the surf and the black drum run is still in full swing. The monster drum have moved on, but the puppies are still around. With the cold winter past the Blue Crabs are thin and kinda hard to come by, word is they are going for over $200 a bushel for #1's. Bait of choice has been bloodworms, chicken breast and shelled clams. Peelers are still hard to come by even near the beach, have had reports of some using soft shelled crabs and doing fairly well.

I must say, its taking sometime to get back into the swing of surf fishing and not many fish have been caught. As the saying goes, "a bad day of fishing is better than a great day of work." Hope to have some reports and pictures of my own in the near future as the new job is going to allow me to get my fishing fever under control.

Stay tuned for the IDIOT, keep those lines tight!
snook crazy

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If Andy C is still dating his black widow combo, you'll never out fish him. Unless you're smart enough to do what you've done in the past. Keep that damn rod tip up and leave marks on that forehead!!!!    Knock some sense into him.             snook crazy  
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