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Started out early with snook crazy and jbdba01, heading to the skyway for bait. My bad, brought inshore net and not the "Black Pearl". Saw Captain Mike there and squeezed in next to him but to no avail. Snook crazy said "we got arties, let's go". First stop looked real fishy but only managed a trout and a flounder. Next stop was a little crowded (most were chumming with greenies), but we hung in. Boats started leaving about 11:30 and it was a bad mistake on their part. Between 12-1 the place BLEW UP. Most everything hit Mirrodine medium level. Snook crazy lost 2 nice snook (as the Madsnooker said last night  at Capt Mike's seminar) they were so big that could only get head out of the water to shake. jbdba01 lost 4-5 nice fish "just not feeling the love" but we thought it was the hard hook setting and leaving only dentures on the hook. At 1:00 as fast as it turned on it shut down. Next stop managed only a few fish. In all, managed 4 trout, 7 snook, 1 flounder and 7 others. Did managed to find a new Pinfish hole. Can't wait for that tourney. Good times with good friends.   


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Yeah...I hate it when the fish won't commit to the strike. Must have seen 4 mis-fires.  The one right at the boat was too much - 3 misses.  No love at all...we can all agree that was not my trout hook setting technique.

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