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A little late with the post, but better late than never.

Fished the Chesapeake side of the peninsula a few weeekends ago with a buddy, set out of Roaring point at about 4:45 am, got a good report on the trout bite so we decided to hit the grass edges of Elliots Island across the sound. One report came from a waterman that said he caught a 17 LB spec in one of his crab traps. Early morning bite didn't go as planned, nothing from the grass.

We setup at the souther point of Elliots Island and notice that the tide had slowed so we put quartered peeler crabs out on 1/2 oz jig heads. Now this is not a normal method for fishing the Chesapeake, normally you would see a two hook rig with weights at the bottom. Thats to busy for me, fishing in Florida has made the game way more simple! Immediately we started catching monster hardheads, once we weeded through them we had outr limit of Rock Fish in short order.

We decided that the day wasn't over and fished the high tide in the flooded creeks of Elliots Island. We found holes in these creeks that had drops of 10 plus ft. The tide didn't change like we thought it would and it was just very slow to go out. Didn't catch any more fish but started catching monster Crabs.
Some of these crabs were 8 inches point to point across the back, we through a few in with the fish and headed home for the day.

Got home cleaned the fish and steamed the crabs. I had the wife picking crabs while I prepaired everything else. I seared the fish, cut the filets open and stuffed them with crab meat and a little butter and popped in the oven for about 8 minutes. OMG, I think I could get used to that!
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