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As I have seen this multiple times I figure it merits discussing and perhaps it can be used as an education tool for new boat owners.

Every now and then you may find yourself in the skinny water and you've waited too long to get out.  It happens.  Brute force is not the best way and common sense should prevail.

This is how not to do it...this just tears up grass, ruins fishing and in general ticks off everyone within 1/2 mile off.  This was last weekend (10/12/2013) at Miguel's Bay.


This is better - notice the two people up front off setting the weight of the motor.  This was from a couple years ago.  Engine is trimmed enough - slow and steady wins the day.  Personally I might be a foot or two back from the bow - might run aground and go overboard.


If your trolling motor is bottoming out and you're not getting very far, and if things get really skinny this is the recommended way on how to do it.  Took this last winter - yes even kayakers have to huff it every now and then...


If all that fails just wait for the tide to come back in.  Not much to it, but it seems many people like to blast out off the flats.  It even happens to the pros occasionally.  EG Simmons Park several years back...


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