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John or anyone else who is really in to photography - Any suggestions on the GoPro? I'd like to have one on the boat, but I'm also thinking I'd like to use it to take videos snorkeling and also at the waterparks with our little daughter. Seems like everyone loves it. Pros / Cons?

I'd like to hear anyones thoughts and opinions.


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Go pros are excellent for videos and capturing images in first person.  If you pair them up with a second gopro you can then render 3D movies.  Course now you're $600-700 into it.

They are light weight and you can't beat the HD images - especially for the $.  Lots of kayak guys deploy them on the back and just let them run.  They seem to run forever.

For snorkeling I don't see how you can beat it.  Obviously you'll need the UW housing.

Now a couple cons I have - and these are strictly my thoughts.  It's not much of a dedicated camera - if you want to have control (as I do), you won't have it.  Whatever the camera decides to do is pretty much it.  Also in the housing I believe it uses a 17 degree fish eye lens.  So if you look  closely you'll see that on the edges it's a bit "warped"/distorted.

I went through your thought process a year ago and here is what I did.  I bought a canon g12 - this is a prosumer camera (just shy of a dslr).  It has all the features I wanted of a regular camera - with full manual control.  I then supplemented that with a UW housing - so there's no worries about getting it wet.  I dive on occassion and it can go to 140' - somewhere I'll never go.  Now this setup cost about $650, but I have an unbelievably good camera that shoots HD video and is underwater ready.    The drawback to that is the cost and it's much bulkier than a gopro.  But some of the photos I've gotten are unbelievable.

So that said, if you're looking to do first person videos complete with helmet cam - the gopro is fantastic.  For the $ you can't beat it, but you get what you get.  No control, but if it comes out fabulous - who cares.  If you're asking can you go wrong with it - I doubt it, especially for dedicated video.  Me...I'm a photo guy (not video).

Samples of G12 below:

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