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Went out Saturday with the wife (Beth), my son (Jamie), his wife (Lauren) and my grandkids Heidi ( 3 ½) and JW (1 ½). It was the grandkids first fishing trip. Put in at Simmons and went to a nearby canal that looked fishy.  Set ups were new (supplied by me-Grumpy) –  5 ft poles, Zebco reels, small hooks (#6), and split shot with cut shrimp for bait.  The 1st pic is Heidi and Grumpy looking for fish, the 2nd pic is the rest of the family relaxing.  After 2 hours and some hard fishing the total was 28 silver trout and 2 spotted trout.  The 3rd pic is Heidi’s first fish with grandma (Beth/Nana).  The 4th pic is the crew after a hard day fishing and the last pic is Beth after spending all day chasing JW all over the boat, upstairs downstairs and all around for 2 hours.  Final count Lauren 14, Jamie and Heidi 7 each, Na-na and I with 2 each.  As they say take women and kids on a boat and they will out fish the guys every time.

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snook crazy

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Grumpy, that's a great day of fishing and  family fun. Lots of smiles and Jamie in the tower with his kids!
That's PRICELESS!    snook crazy

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It looks like everyone had a lot of fun. Memories they will never forget.

David M.
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