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Took off from Valrico around 3:30 to head for CRB. Had to get some non-ethanol gas on Riverview drive, $4.29 per gal. Had both my boys (5,7) with me and ready for an adventure. We had a little issue at the ramp as I am trying to start the boat and it wouldn't start. Look down and the kill switch is missing. By the time I saw that I think the motor was flooded so I got a push off the trailer and used the trolling motor to beach the boat. Rigged up some wire and fishing string to keep the button down and we were off. Went to the Channel E marker to look for bait but didn't see any. Using our contingency of shrimp. we fished there for 20 min and caught some small grunts. We moved into the flats and caught a few more grunts, some lady fish, and silver trout. After the shrimp ran out I would throw the DOA Deadly combo and let the kids retrieve them. We pulled up a few trout and a flounder. Overall the kids had a great time which is what we were aiming for. Next time I will try cut bait with the lady fish.


snook crazy

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Dead stik that cut bait and let it sit and stink. Great way to fish with lures and have a better % chance to get on fish!

snook crazy

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