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Was looking at lights that I could either hang on the transom or float behind the boat at night. After pricing some of the transom lights I decided to build one. I did a ton of reading on the benefits of LED Lighting and the low draw on the battery. I was able to get two 24 led panels using the SMD5050 LEDs, which are supposed to be the brightest you can get. After messing around with Acrylic I decided to find a case that could be modded to be waterproof. I mounted the panels to acrylic and wired the panels together and used liquid tape to seal the connections. i got the case put the light inside and sealed the case and the wire port. Here are my results so far. I took a pic with no flash in my pitch black garage.



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That's pretty cool.

Parts & Costs?

I'm assuming it's 12V.

My cousin (a ramblin' wreck from GA Tech - electrical engineer) was into the LED thing years ago.  He swears by them and is all he uses to power his solar boat - a 28' Dory.  Since the boat is powered by electricity he's very conscientious of what draws how much.


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Yes, it is 12v. I was testing it out in my garage using my Datsun 510's Battery. So far the whole thing has been really cheap. I bought the lights on eBay for $6 a piece, $2 for the case, $6 for the lexan, and $5 for the Marine adhesive. I also purchased some wire, liquid tape, and black tape. This is my 2.0 model as the first one I tried a week ago was in a waterproof outlet I bought at home depot. It was too bulky so I found a smaller case. The one guy I saw online that did this made his case out of the Lexan but I was having issues with getting a good cut so I went a different route.

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