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For the billionth time I have managed to get all my lures and rods hung up together when taking them out of the car/truck.  
After asking the all knowing google I found some lure wraps for about $6-15 each.  Which frankly I thought was a bit steep for piece of velcro and some material.  Anyway I found an article and expanded on it.  
Some of the stuff I already had - wire organizers/velcro ties, and some epoxy (I ended up upgrading to some adhesive glue at the fabric store).  Total cost $12 - which included some clear vinyl (more on that later).  
The entire article is here- so I'm not going to rewrite it, but the pics give the idea.
This is what I wanted to emulate:
Here are my materials and a finished product...
I went with 1/4 yard of each material at Joann's Fabric.  That makes about 10-12 wraps.
Start with the wife's china - about a 7" bowl for tracing...  And of course there has to be some drama for the project.
She was like "What are you up to now?"   
"I'm hungry, go make me a sandwich."  
"You're such a chauvinistic pig sometimes."
"You know what's worse than a chauvinistic pig?"
"A woman who won't listen."
Now that there's some quiet - use those kindergarden skills for making a fancy circle and cut it out
Take one of those fancy velcro straps and glue it on using the fabric adhesive.
Let it dry for a bit and then wrap your lures - it says 24 hours, but I went with 2.
Getting crazy fancy with the clear stuff (16 gauge clear vinyl) .  That way I can see the lure on the rod.  Frankly the car header liner stuff works better.  It's more pliable.
I plan on leaving the wraps in the truck when I take the rods out.  I've no idea how long that glue will last, but you could ask your wife to sew it for you.  Course that assumes she's talking to you.  
Use the saved money to buy a case of beer or flowers - your choice.

snook crazy

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You can't sew? It would take more than flowers to get Ms. T to sew! Maybe take the saved $$$$ and buy Pomegranate Margaritas at Beanie's might work.         snook crazy

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"Use the saved money to buy a case of beer or flowers - your choice"

I'm leaning towards beer!
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