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Sitting on my couch on a Sat afternoon and I hear what sounds like a gunshot.  I do some quick periphery checks around the house and don't see anything out of the norm.  Fast forward 2 hours and I go to open the garage door.  Door starts, then stops, starts, stop.  I look a bit closer and see that a spring has broken.  Replacing it is not a job for the causal home owner - those springs can do a great deal of damage much less kill a person if it unloads.

So on Monday I made all sorts of calls and then remembered that Designone doors was a Southshore Angler sponsor.  I call them up and I get a hold of Art.  I explain to him the situation and he says that he can have someone out to Fishhawk that afternoon.  I check around and his price was 20% less than anyone else!!  Needless to say I called Art back and schedule an appointment.

Tony from Designone shows up on time and I walk him through the situation and I ask him why on occasion when it's early and sunny why do I have to manually close the door.  In other words the garage door won't close between the 10am and 2pm hours, but only in the summer.  After looking things over Tony makes some modifications to the wiring to my optical sensors and viola the problem is gone.

Needless to say I was really pleased with the service, price, and quality of work.  Nice job's not often I need garage door work, but I would highly recommend Art and Designone.

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