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Had to work today, so I took a buddy from SC out on Friday. He was in town and things just kinda worked out. 

He had never been kayaking nor really fished FL. The day started out good enough; he got on a flounder. I got on a small snook. He was using a rootbeer paddle tail, I was using a green/white jerk bait - top water wasn't doing much for me, but we started late.

Around 10 am we saw something neither one of us had ever seen before - overhead an osprey had a fish and a bald eagle was trying to steal it. Very cool. For the record the osprey won. Them's some big birds doing acrobatics.

Around 11am I hear, "Oh son..." he was about 50 yards from me, and I see a big ol snook doing acrobatics. "Drop anchor! Don't let her pull you into the mangroves!!" Too late - the bow is 2' into the trees. "Dude!! nut up, grab that spool, and start pulling like hell." I'm watching his goat rodeo and am laughing like hell. He's cracking up but excited...I get over there and lip the fish - a nice 27/28" snook. First snook ever - go figure.

We closed out the day with a couple other fish, but he was totally stoked on his snook. 

Over beers and lunch he says,"When's tarpon season start? Never caught one of those either."

Oh hell no....

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