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The bite was slow until for me until about noon and because I was frustrated I switched gears.  Once I figured out the retrieve (oddly uber-fast ) it was game on..  Fast retrieves and the paddle bait hooked upside down was the ticket.  I fished CA style covering as much water as possible - once I found the fish I stayed put and had a good ol' time.

I guess that makes it a hybrid of John Hand's lure rigging and CA's approach to fishing.

I rounded out the day with about 15 trout and 3 reds (14, 21, 26).  The 26 was a stud and until I dropped anchor in the kayak, I was on the Nantucket sleigh ride.  OK - a slight exaggeration, but he was pulling me all over the place.

Below pretty much covers the day.  All fish were caught on Culprit little mullets, flats chub, and a larger imitation mullet.

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