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Greetings fellow anglers!

I will be moving the family to Tampa in the next month. I have spent my entire life fishing the northern waters of IL and WI. Freshwater......bass, walleye, northern pike, muskie. The occasional vacation to Cape Coral has exposed me to the great Saltwater fishing you have down here. I am looking forward to a whole new chapter in my fishing life.

Here is my question:

I have a 17' aluminum Bass Tracker boat that I will be bringing down. I am thinking of dry-dock storage at one of the marinas on the bay. I am assuming that with some common sense and care, such a boat would work fine for the bay's inshore areas (weather permitting!). Can anyone give a recomendation on what area (marina) would give me the most "bang for the buck"? Meaning.....what location would put me proximate to the most fruitful areas for reds, trout and snook? Of course, snapper, grouper, tarpon or drum would be great as well, (I assume around the bridges), but I am trying to narrow things down to what you BAY EXPERTS would deem the sweet spot for locating. All that said, I still look forward to towing and dropping in other areas, as well as freshwater lakes.

Thanks and cheers!

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