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Here's a thorough boat check list that you can consult prior to heading out.  Kudos to Mark Leslie at Bullfrogcreek Marina.  If you have additional questions, he can be reached at or

Bullfrog Creek Marine
11349 Hwy 41 South
Gibsonton Fl.33534

WooHoo! Your ready to take your boat back out on the water !    Is your boat ready?    Just because it was running fine at the end of last year does not mean it's ready to go back in the water this year. Here is a list of some things you want to do to prepare your boat for the season.

 If you winterized your motor at the end of last season you will want to do some annual maintenance this spring. Is it time to replace the Water Pump Impeller,Thermostats,Ect?   Changing the engine and lower unit oils and fuel filters,Checking the oiling system,Replacing the spark plugs,Checking the steering,Lubricating all the grease ports and the propeller shaft and making sure the engine is running like it should,is a good start to preparing your boat for the season.

Check Your Fuel For Water and other Contaminates that may have accumulated , A quart or more primed through the system in to a clean glass container as a sample,THEN also check the fuel/water separator filters to see if any contaminates are present !!!    Check all the hoses and connections from the gas tank to the engine. Look for any cracks or wear and tear. Replace anything that looks like it may cause a problem. Add new gas to the tank as the you need to start out with fresh gas running through the engine.           The HIGHER THE OCTANE THE BETTER !  Especially if theres a little old fuel left in the tank .(Engines have a minimum octane rating for fuel NOT a maximum !) Avoid Fuel additives that claim to "Remove Water" They Don't !! They just keep the water suspended in the fuel to pass through the filters and settle in your fuel system !!  A tank of contaminated or questionable fuel is not worth being stranded or worse, an engine rebuild ! When in doubt, Dump it !

Check the battery,Clean the corrosion off the battery terminals with a battery brush and protect the connections with anti-corrosion spray as it is a crucial component in your boat.          Look at all the wires to see if there are any kinks or cracks. The battery won't do you any good if it cannot transport its energy to all the gadgets you have on your boat. Replace them if any section if it looks damaged. Make sure you do not have any loose connections as this can cause expensive repairs the the starter and charging system .

Check all of your boats accessories. VHF Radio, Navigation and Anchor Lights, Bilge and Livewell Pumps,Etc .       If Your bilge pump has an automatic option, confirm it is working also.

The constant stresses and vibration of your boat flying across the bay or river will loosen a boats components, specifically screws. Check and tighten all connections in your boat such as seats, livewell hinges, hull supports, floors, fish finders, electrical switches, trolling motor mounts and anything else you can find.

Make sure you have all the appropriate safety gear and equipment to comply with the boating regulations for the boat you have. Check out your First Aid Kit and replenish supplies. Make sure you have a supply of extra fuses and spark plugs. Do not forget the anchors and a tool kit.


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