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snook crazy

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Hey Dad, let's go out Sun. morning?

Out we went. JZ and I tried top water at first light for 1 1/2 hour with just a few short strikes. Went to the bridge and he threw once and filled the well. Back to fishing and chumming. JZ 2 TV snook, Dad 1 red (dinner) and we saw a good #of fish that would not chew. We are ready to head back to CRB and decide a "boat slam" can be done. Piney Point was covered with trout in 2.5' to 4' and they were hungry. JZ used a gold flake paddle tail and I used a suspending r&w mirrolure. In an hour we each caught 9 or 10 to 17".

First slam on the boat since 09, and all the fish were really healthy. Amazing that the trout go back in the water with no signs of being stressed. And they are fatter than I've seen.

We spotted an eagle showing off his catch of the day, an 18" to 20" fish that he was taking home for his evening meal. He seemed to enjoy taking his time covering the flat and showing the 40 or so anglers that he was into catching and not fishing!

Hopefully this is a good sign for the Earnest Graham Inshore Slam coming up on Fri. the 23rd. Tiger and I will be in fast company for the tourney.

snook crazy


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Thats good to hear. The trout have been very healthy looking lately - super fat fish. We fished piney point and Bishos on Saturday and caught our limit of trout to 22". I've never really been into chumming with live baits, but we gave it a shot in Bishops and now its my new favorite thing to do! We had fish blowing up bait all over behind the boat.

Good luck to you and Tiger. Make sure you let us know how it goes.
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