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This past Saturday a buddy of mine and myself had a crabbing trip planned. Due to the weather man being wrong (as usual) we cancelled the trip the night before. Next morning we wake up and the weather is not as predicted. I get a call from my buddy wanting to know if I wanted to fish since we cancelled the crab trip. Of course I say yes and head straight to his house.

We get on the water around 3 in the afternoon, right at slack tide changing to go out. We troll a draw bridge and train truss bridge and picked up a few nice Rock Fish, until the tide started to rip out and everything shut down. My buddy had to pick his wife up around 7:30 from work, so back to the ramp we go.

My buddies wife decides she wants to go out on the boat and we decided that we would fish the tide coming back in also. From probably 8:30 till 11:30, not one single bite so we decided to call it a night. As we are heading back to the boat ramp, we come past the Coast Guard station at Roosevelt  inlet, probably in total 100 yards of lighted dock. As we approach I see that the water is very turbulent. We decided to give a look and it was Rock Fish boiling around the lights. We proceeded to anchor up at 11:45pm and caught Rock Fish after Rock Fish until 2:30am. We weren't counting them because after we caught our limit it was all catch and release but we figured that we had to have caught over 125 fish.

All fish were caught on artificial, 1/2 oz bucktail Jigs with the Chartreuse Gulp squiggly tails (not actual name, not sure of what the real name is). Fishing for me in DE is coming to an end as Hunting season approaches. Labor Day weekend I will be heading to SC for the opening of Dove season, have a friend that has invited be down for that. After that I will try to post info on my hunting trip with pictures. Sorry no pics of the fishing, when they're hot you don't have time to take pics.

Until Next time, Tight Lines and calm winds!

Idiot Out!
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