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snook crazy

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Finally a day on the water with no serious weather to worry about. Wait, at around 9:30 it seemed a funnel cloud was moving on the other side of the Skyway. To us it seemed like a line of showers moving toward the bridge with 1 funnel looking section. And with that we turned out attention to the Piney Point flat we were fishing. With the water a little dirty Tiger used a gold spoon and I used a cooper spoon. We both caught some nice trout that hit like trains. Then Tiger has a hit similar to a nice red. A nice fight and the fish comes into sight and it's a 13" juvenile gag grouper that was in some grass with 3' of water. Yes we've caught those gags on deeper flats and in some of the deeper holes along the mangroves in Bishops, but, this gag came out of the grass and smacked that spoon like it hadn't seen food in a week.

Now it's time to move north to avoid a cloud line moving toward the flat, A short ride to the flat above the Cock Roach channel and we're away from the front and back to fishing. A couple of trout, a small jack and Tiger has another big hit. This leads to a nice fight that seems to be a small slot red. Wrong again, it's a fat 18" flounder, that came off the bottom to smack a gold spoon ripping above the grass.

With Tiger doing more tournaments with his partner Shawn Marlow,from Ron's Golf Carts, our focus has turned to using lures all day. And the gold and cooper spoon used in dirty water worked as all of the pros doing seminars at SSA have promised. It's about making a long cast and just reeling at a good pace straight to the boat, while drifting,with the help of the trolling motor, across a flat. We didn't spend an hour hunting for bait, caught some nice fish, (even a fair sized lizard fish that jumped 4 times), and were back home before 1:30 and the everything was clean and ready for the next use. And there is something special about catching a fish with a lure. The strike is better and the fight is pound for pound harder than those caught with fresh or cut bait in most cases.

Then the top story of the day is discovered at 6 pm while waking from a nap. The local news channel is teasing a news story. At 10:45 am a mail truck crossing the Skyway was picked up, put back down on it's side, then picked up and put right side up by a funnel cloud/tornado. And we thought the thrill of the day was the fishing trip, Had we just checked the bridge as we reset to avoid that small front we could have seen the thrill that truck driver experienced. Thankfully he gets to tell his grandkids the story of a Wizard of Oz moment.                snook crazy 
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