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snook crazy

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Float plane - 40 minutes into the back country of Alaska, get off plane and the guide slings a shotgun over his shoulder and says "Let me move up and make sure there are'nt any bears". This after the last of 3 pairs of bald eagles leave the flat where the group will fish. The group of 5 will fish in a creek that gets used by 2 guide groups, bear and eagles. The tide in the creek moves 4-5 feet per change and feeds a river that has tide changes of
between 1-15 feet per day. A full moon or new moon can bring up to 19 foot
Time to fish - 4 hours [10 mins. of fly casting warm-up] of casting to pink salmon that fight to stay in the moving deeper pools. These fish have runs of 30 yards at first bite and a run of another 20 yds. as they near the bank. What a rush and you understand why Larry Czonka does his fishing show from Alaska. [Be careful not to step in a claw print as you will surely sprain your ankle and may break it]. Then comes the sound that reminds you of being called to dinner when you were a child "Come on guys it's time to get out while there is enough water for the plane to take off". You realize that
it's the fastest 4 hrs. of fishing you will experience.
Float plane - another 40 min's. on the other side of the river, time to reflect on the sheer beauty of nature, the contrast of the snow white peeks of the
coal black mountain [more contrast than a penguin] and you wonder how there is a shortage of trees.    Be sure of this The Discovery Channel in HD
makes Alaska look like a beautiful place to see, however it does not really come close to the vista that includes whales, bear, eagles and cold water that has the same colors as Florida's gulf. When I say whales, having them swim along side a cruise ship and getting a better idea of their size.  

The most unexpected treat of the Alaskan cruise was the time in Seattle. If
you go on one of these cruises and leave from Seattle give yourself a day of 2 to see Pike's Market and all the freshest produce and meat items possible.
Crab legs bigger than you can imagine! Fish being thrown for the patrons.
Because of the rain forest like conditions in the northwest, you get to have
some of the best produce in the world.

As we've all said and heard, "Words and pictures don't do the experience any

snook crazy

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