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So...with Wonderboy officially graduating from IB (and since many of you have met him) there was this fancy shing-dig for recognizing these IB young adults.  The request was pretty simple - send in a photo that represents him.
We could have sent in a bunch...
- The article from the Atlanta Journal and Constitution where he raised $10K on a self promoted bike-ride for tsunami victims; he rode his mountain bike straight for about 35 miles at age 8 or so
- His letter from Gov Scott recognizing him for being 1 of 800 students in the state of FL making Natl Merit Finalist
- His meeting the Hillsborough commissioners for being 1 of 6 IB students from his school making Natl Merit Semi Finalist
- His photo of him raising his guide dog...
- 2280 on SATs...
- 2013 Math Student of the year.
[insert more boring scholastic stuff here]
I sent in the below...Yeah...that's my boy sporting a nice snook when he slammed out with a 72" inshore slam.    
A man's gotta have priorities...

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Just like a little league parent, living your dream of catching big fish through your kid.
The first one to graduate ages you, when the "baby" graduates it's devastating!
Congrats to you and your wife on a job well done.           snook crazy
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