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My buddy Dickey said his son Brant had promised his mom a dinner of Trout Almadine for Mother's Day. The only thing he was missing was the Trout, and asked if I wanted to join them to help fill the cooler. Why not!

We launched out of Gandy and on our way to Weedon Island we netted some bait. The tides were not in our favor but we fish when we can and try to make the best of it. I threw an assortment of artificial baits all day and let Dickey and Brant work the livies. I had the hot hand early with mostly short Trout. Then Brant got the hot hand landing some keeper trout and a flounder to throw on ice

What bite we had slowed down, so we decided it was time for lunch. For those that don't know Dickey, he can flat out cook. So I was in for a treat since he made us all sandwiches from the leftover Ribeye steaks from the night before. There was about 2 lbs. of boneless ribeye between the bread. WOW!!

We started fishing again but were still not getting a lot of fish to the boat so I suggested letting the boat drift closer to the shoreline where I was seeing big mullet jumping. As we got closer to the mullet Brant hooked up with a nice fish. Not the trout we were looking for, but it was 26 1/4 and went on ice.

As he was fighting the fish I dropped the anchor to hold the boat so we wouldn't drift into the mangroves. As soon as Brant got his bait back in the water he was hooked up again, this time it was the target species.

We circled back and drifted over the same area and he did it again.

With enough fish in the box to cook a Mother's Day dinner feast we called it a day and headed for home.

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