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Between the hard rains, cooler water, and higher than expected winds it was a really tough bite.


Hoping for any action at all I paddled out to the 6' marking and joined a pair of Osprey.  They were perched on the marker itself so I wasn't terribly confident in catching - normally I like to fish when they are fishing.  Regardless I switched to a Riptide Flats Chub Firefly pattern and figured I would try for some trout.


Things were pretty uneventful until I hear a great deal of commotion behind me.  I saw that the Osprey had managed to catch a trout and in hot pursuit was what I thought was another huge Osprey.  As they got closer to me I saw that in fact it was a bald eagle.  No more than 50' above me they flew right by.  I had seen this before but it was a quick fight for lunch.  This one went on long enough that I decided to see if I could get some shots - I fumbled for the camera and just started randomly holding the button down.  Fortunately they came by again and I didn't bother trying to zoom in - there was just too much action to get in tight.


Not very confident in the set of last 3 shots I just set the camera down and got back to fishing.  Things seemed to pick up and I closed out the last 45 minuted with 7-8 trout.  3 tourist trout, 3 mid teens,  1 lower 20's, and hes I managed to lose the big fish of the day on some rusty hooks.  The big fish was lost on the Mirordine.  Here's what I was throwing...




At home I checked out all the shots and found a couple came out OK, but I really needed a better lens and probably should have used the viewfinder better.   Things happened pretty fast so I can live with it.  You may want to click to enlarge the shot.




In tighter




Looks like an eagle...







Eventually the Osprey dropped the trout, but the Bald Eagle didn't get to it fast enough.  Seems the trout actually swam off because the Osprey couldn't get to it either after the eagle gave up.  


Fishing wasn't exactly stellar, but the bird action made the day.

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