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Well...I think I've seen quite a bit when it comes to fishing (sunken trucks at the boat ramp, people swimming at the Skyway in their own chump slick, tubers at "The Pass", DEA/FWC running aground at full throttle at Simmons...), but some days you kind of go, "Well that's something you don't see often.?"

Everyone has a right to fish public water, but when you push the limits expect some push back. Last Sunday was one of those days the poon gods looked at us and said, " you will watch everyone get on, but you sir will be rejected." Literally every boat around us got on (5, yes 5 boats with 20 yards got on). I believe I saw 30-40 hook ups. Some with 4-5 fish on one boat, but I digress, the main event was "The Good Ship Lollipop" - my nick name for said vessel.  Certainly a nice boat.

It was quite an event watching a 30 some odd foot Boston Whaler backing down on a Tarpon smack through the middle of the pass. The ship dwarfed most boats, and had the Captain known to 1) be on top of the poon (instead of playing the long distance fight), 2) cutoff after 3-4 close calls it probably would have been a non-event. That said, seeing I wasn't bringing any poon to the table I took some shots. Anyway it was quite an event to see (probably a 30-40 minute event).


He did get an earful from several folks.  What was said I'm not sure, but it was loud. There were several close calls. I'm not so sure he'll be back.


Fish on - a good start (maybe)


Heading your way...

Danger Close


Take the rod - probably a good play.

This was the second time he wrapped around this guy's anchor.



This fish is done...gaff time - really?? 

We never did see him gaff it, but it sure looked like he wanted to.

600_0001_zps38icpcgk.jpg don't see that every day, but rest assured he won't be easy to miss. Oh yeah..I did see a kayaker in the pass too, but he stayed closer to the ledge.

Now that would have been something to witness - a yacht backing down on a kayak.

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