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As bad as the weather was last week (winds 20-25), the weather, tides, and temps this week really cooperated.

With an overcast day in the works and winds in the 3-5 range it was perfect for some top water action.  I'm not necessarily a big fan of it but with the water being skinny and very few weeds it seemed like a good lure to start with.

Here's a look at what I was throwing; I bought about 5 of them from Walmart when they were $2 a lure.

My cohorts were throwing their go to lures - spoons, but the plug started out the day hot and stayed hot until the tide switch.

I managed to land 12 snook - most in the upper teens area with a couple pushing mid 20's.  These were all healthy fish with a good indication of hopefully another good summer next year.

Of particular note were two items.  One nice gator trout was landed near a outgoing water behind a visible weed island.  We'll call it 23".

With Jacks still hanging around I had sniped a couple few, but was really interested in the Reds that sometimes accompany them.  Hooked into a decent Jack I saw that a Red was accompanying it; I hollered over to my colleague to come over and "Catch this Red".  He was a mid 20's fish.  With the Jack somewhat secure and still not ready to come in I left him swimming about.  

All the sudden the Jack that I thought was done had a bunch new energy and boy was it heavy.   I looked out and saw it was thrashing all over the surface.  I was anticipating that a "smallish" shark had it when I saw the silhouette of a leaner fish.  Sure enough the Red had smacked the Jack and had swapped places out.  Laughing I hollered over at my buddies not to bother coming over because I had "upgraded".  Eventually the fish wore down and I landed him - a nice mid to upper twenties Red.  

He was released to fight another day.  

After the tide switch things calmed down and we called it a day around 10:45am.  My final tally was 12 snook, 4 reds, 2.5 Jacks (.5 for the upgrade), and 1 gator trout.

My buddies had been targeting Reds and they hammered them - 12-15 each (maybe more).   We'll call it +50 fish for all of us - all on lures. We probably would have topped 70 fish, but when the bite slowed I watched lots of fish ignore my lures.  I suspect that live bait would have slain them.

Of particular interest was the fact that I had very few blow ups - these fish were on the feed back and committed hard and early to the plug.  Many times it's 3-4 blow ups per hook up.

I hope you made it out last Sat because it was a great day.

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