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With huge quantities of rain on Sat I knew that was a no go, but the afternoon tide on Sunday looked pretty good.  The original plan was to use the powerboat, but on Sat when I was changing the oil I saw something that looked suspicious and opted to take the Amanda Buff to the mechanic on Monday.

With Wonderboy home he and I launched the kayaks around 1:30/2:00pm and we found ourselves in really fouled up water.  We kept pushing out until we hit cleaner water.  Ironically we found ourselves with Martin whom I had just seen at Thurday's meeting.  The recon was that the dirty water was holding fish - that was not expected.

Regardless we split up and I watched Wonderboy catch a snook or two and then he got on a really nice red that snapped the line boatside.

I on the other hand had a really nice trash can slam going with a nice catfish hitting my paddletail - the new used kayak had just had the inaugural fish on the boat and things were not looking good.  Meanwhile Wonderboy kept bringing in the snook - I managed to lose a lower 20's snook on oysters.  The fish mocked me jumping out of the water twice as I reeled in my slack line.  Eventually he shook the paddletail and threw it back at me.  Almost saying "Nice try." [sigh]

In the dark tannic water I switched to a 3" riptide rootbeer paddletail and had a beast of a snook take a swipe at the lure, but at boatside she aborted the attack plan.  By now I was convinced this boat was cursed.

I went back into the building winds and drift a line where I had seen a good bit of mullet activity.  I opted to try and stand in the kayak - a sit on top Tarpon 140, and as Wonderboy had pointed out - it was a nice bannana  yellow.  Beautiful - more bad luck.  

Standing was an unstable position to be in for sure and the scupper holes had water ankle deep; the winds didn't help much, but eventually I found myself on a nice fish.  The problem now was how to sit back down and keep steady pressure on the fish.  It was somewhat a goat rodeo as this fish never came up and sure felt like a nice one.  I ended up kneeling and eventually working my way back to the seat - there were a couple close calls but eventually I managed to get the mid 20's red in.  He sure acted like he was in the 30's - no above water headshakes and lots of pull, but it was mid 20's.

At least the curse was broken.

We fished some more and Wonderboy kept hammering them.  I think he closed out the day with 7 snook, 2 reds, and a trout.  They were all caught on the Zmann paddletail Houdini pattern.

I ended up with one fish, but learned a bunch about the Tarpon 140. She'll do fine nearshore/offshore.  I also learned that Wonderboy has surpassed me in either luck or skill.  Maybe both.   On the way home I told him that I hope that effort pans out for poon this year.  We'll have May to get it on - come June he'll be working outside at the Hillsoborough fishing camp and will have his fill of fishing and being outdoors.  We learned last year that he's wiped out working outdoors all day, 5 days a week.  No weekend fishing trips for him.

Back at home I got a couple glares as it was 7:45pm and it was a 6:30pm dinner time.  Dopt.  Regardless we finished out the night with a pitcher of Sangria, bow tie pasta with tomato cream sauce and shrimp.  Mental note : Seems the red carpet is rolled out when the boy comes home from college.   During the meal I turned on the TV  (a major no no in our household) just in time to catch Florida Sportsman Reeltime - more glares from she who must be obeyed.  I tried to work in the fact that I was on seconds and this was a really good episode which I had never seen.  It didn't work - off went the TV. Either way it was a meal fit for a king and a great way to finish out the day.

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