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snook crazy

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SSA sends it's sympathy to The Earnest Graham Family for the passing of his Grand Mother.

Captain Michael Anderson was to have Earnest and his son fish on his boat for the event. Team KnuckleHead was placed with Captain Mike. He's the 1st addition to Team KnuckleHead, a unique sub-division of SSA. It's the first time Tiger & I have fished with Mike and proved to be a Quality day.

Quality people including Mary Ann Massolio and her 1Voice Foundation Team, The Steve Yerri Foundation, (Team Yerrid with Captains TJ Marshall and Frank Perri),
the other captains helping anglers make the most of a beautiful day and Hula Bay, another great Tampa venue. Finally, after 6 years of working with Pepin Distributors, I got to meet Bill Giesking, the marketing manager, who had the longest snook of the event with a 39 1/2" beast.

Captain Lori Deaton, from Apollo Beach had the best pic of the day. Lori put a young man on a 33" snook and their combined smiles looked to be 34".
Nice job Lori! Turn around twice and it'll be time for her Hooked on Hope event in October.

As for Team KnuckleHead and that experience, just a Quality day of fishing with Mike. "Let's try to win this", was the motto, and try we did. Tiger had a 37" snook and I had one 34 1/2" that left a shoulder in need of cortisone treatment. Found a number of big healthy linesiders that look to have put the feed bag on this early spring. Can't say enough about the experience of a Reel Animals Fishing Team day on the water. As Tiger has always promised a day with the Hoffmans will result in a story. A really nice net was lost to the 37+ snook. That girl was 20#'s and made a wreck of Mike's net. Even the great work at Sanchez Bros. could not make that net whole again. Will post some pics later, you'll see the big smiles and then notice the size of the fish! All had a great time of "catching" overslot fish that gave up to 100 yard runs of screaming drag.

Can't thank Capt. Mike enuff for such a memorable day on the water. The total experience won't be forgotten. And he'll enjoy the tax deduction.
snook crazy


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