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[u]Executive Summary[/b] - A decent day; nothing to write home about, but enough to post; 2 anglers vied for a slam but we both came up short.  Couple reds, some Jacks, some flounder, and one nice trout...we tossed the usual - top water plugs, but all my fish were on a  single white 3" riptide paddletail
We were greeted by more wind than expected - call it 12-15 versus the 8-10 that we expected.  We opted to swing around the mangroves and bypass the open water for a bit.
Here we are in some nice calm water, but without enough water movement fishing was blase.
We could hear the waves crashing on the other side of the mangroves and could really tell that the winds were blowing hard.  Regardless after enough time we opted to push out.  We were greeted with a beautiful sunrise and several birds gave it even a more touristy look and feel.  You can tell by the water that "the seas were angry that day my friend."
After a preview of the camera I pretty much knew I had the photo of the day and everything from this point forward was icing on the cake. least I liked the shot.
We kept pushing North into the wind.  I hollered over to my partner that this better not be one of those magic winds that shifts because it would be a brutal day if it did.
After paddling a ways and thanks to the blustry winds not seeing much we just kept heading North.  Eventually we found enough bird and mullet activity to settle in a spot.  It took a while and I kept getting some nice blow ups, but as my boat should be called The Bachelor there weren't any commitments on the other side of the blow ups. [sigh]
Rich opted to anchor out and wait for fish to come to him; I opted to paddle into the wind and drift through multiple depths.  Rich came out on the winning side of things early on and landed a nice trout.  Course his fish commited to the topwater.
Eventually I managed to get on a lower 20-ish red - the fish thought he was 30" and we did the goat rodeo around the boat several times.  With sea sock (in error) and anchor fully deployed it was a bit hairy a couple times.  A bit later Rich latnded a similarly sized red as well.
Seeing that no additional fish wanted to take a part in the festivities, I pushed out into deeper waters where I saw more bird activity.  I managed a small flounder and small Jack, and just let the winds carry us in.  After about an hour or so we were back at the launch site.  Rich landed some additional trout, but neither of us closed out a slam. Not exactly a stellar day, but the sunrise was awesome.
Making it home in time for the GA / LSU I popped on the tube.  Several cold adult beverages later, some friggin' grass basketball, and Richt has reverted back to his FSU days by going for big offense and no defense.  It was a great game and we outlasted the Tigers 44-41.  Thank God LSU fumbled because our D was about as useful as teats on a boar.  Whatever happened to 10-9, 14-13?
Overall not a bad day.


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Nice report and pics John.

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Nice shot Bishop - I could hang that on my living room wall!
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