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Put it on your calendars - Sat. Dec. 14 2013  The J W Langley 1 lure Tournament for Mitochondrial Disease.

Our beneficiary this year has a video that everyone should watch.  Invite a friend and get someone involved.  Even if they don't fish the weigh in is a hoot and the cause is a great one.  Watch the video, learn, and pass along the message.  

Funds are specifically being raised for the following items - the more funds raised the more items will be donated.
1)      Z-vibe popette tip $8.00
2)      Hatchback Orthopedic shoes to use with leg braces $68.00 each, need 3 pair
3)      Stacool Child Cooling Vest $200.00
4)      AFO socks to use with leg braces $5.50 a pair, 12 pair needed

The "1 lure" aspect of the tournament means you can chose 1 type of artificial lure to fish the tourney with, and you are allowed to have up to 5 of that same exact lure. The target fish are Trout and Redfish, with a prize for the longest of each species as well as a first place prize for the longest combined length.

So if you like the red & white mirrorlure for this tournament you can have 5 of those in your tackle box for the day. Those fishing with you can choose other lures for their day, maybe a Paul Brown item. They fish with that all day, exchanges may not be made. Of course this is all on the honor system.

In essence whatever hits the water first that day it's what you use all day.  Just have 5 of them.   No adding corks, splitshots, or altering whatever you threw on the first cast.  No changing colors...

Boundaries are here

Registry sheets are here


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