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12-1-12 1 Lure for Horses

The South Shore Anglers Club hosted the "1 Lure for Horses" tournament benefiting RVR Horse Rescue, with all entry fees and raffles being donated to the cause.

Now that I no longer have a boat I have a few good friends that have been gracious enough to allow me to fish with them on their boats. But not on this day, as none of them were able to fish. So having recently acquired a kayak (actually loaned to me by another friend) I decided to fish it solo from the yak. Fishing is fishing right? I just had to be right on the location I chose to fish because I can't just hop on plane and run to another spot.

The "1 lure" aspect of the tournament meant you could choose 1 type of artificial lure to fish the tourney with, and you were allowed to have up to 5 of that same exact lure. The target fish were Trout and Redfish, with a prize for the longest of each species as well as a first place prize for the longest combined lenght. I decided to fish a DOA CAL new penny color on a 1/4 ounce white jig head. I figured to get on the water early so I could fish the middle part of the outgoing tide with a low tide around noon, then fish the incoming tide until I need to get off the water in time to make it to the 3 p.m. photo release weigh in.

So with every thing rigged and loaded the night before I launch at 6:30 a.m. After paddling out the 1/2 mile creek to the flats that I would be fishing I noticed that I forgot to pack one key ingredient...SOMETHING TO DRINK!!! No water, no soda, nothing to drink. No turning back now or I would miss probably my best chance of catching fish.

I scanned the area looking for signs of mullet and immediately saw some, but there was someone already fishing close to them. So not to crowd him I found another area to fish and set up so I could drift into the mullet. My first cast is usually meant to just get the line off of the reel, check the drag, and reel it back in so as to avoid any mishap when I get to where I think the fish are, plus I think it's bad luck to catch a fish on the first cast. Second cast was a 20 1/2" trout, not a bad start, but was it enough?

After taking the photo and release I had drifted past the fish so I paddled back to set up another drift. I caught a small Redfish that I didn't bother taking a pic of. Then I hook into a bigger Trout than the first, but with no net I tried to scoop it into the yak with an epic fail, fish gone. I went to set up another drift and I guess since the other guys that were out there saw me catching fish in that area thought it would be a good idea to move on in. Just as well because there was more mullet activity in the area they left from. So I set a drift across those mullet and hooked into a 25" Red that I was able to get a pic of.

I set up another couple of drifts with some smaller trout and reds, but the tide was starting to get very low and with nothing to drink, and a 300 yard trek through some muddy bottom to drag the yak through just to get back to the creek for the 1/2 mile paddle back to the launch, I called it quits at 10 a.m with a couple of quality fish and hoped for the best at the weigh in at South Shore Bait and Tackle. The weigh in did not dissapoint with some great eats provided by Pig Silly B-B-Q

Third place went to Josh Simmons with the longest Red at 27"

I ended up with second place for the longest trout as well as 1st place for the longest combined trout and redfish.

If you have not fished a one of these tournaments I highly encourage you to do so. They are always $25 entry fee, 100% payout to the worthwhile charities, donated prizes and great people who love to fish and have a good time.

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